Board and Staff

It’s 1973.  A seven year-old Camp Pinnacle girl bounces along in the back of a covered truck as it winds its way along a forest road protected by a brigade of wise and mysterious hemlocks. Destination…the legendary (and FREEZING!) plunge off Sliding Rock.

I returned to that magical forest with my camp mates for eight more summers. Over the years, the Pisgah woods have called me back again and again — for backpacking, mountain biking, adventure racing, blueberry picking, climbing/rappelling, and meteor shower-gazing.

Today, my husband Chris and I have the incredible fortune to live in a woodland cove bordered on three sides by the Pisgah Ranger District. As temporary stewards of this little plot of earth, we feel a strong responsibility, not only to our own land but to the forest all around us. The Conservancy provides an amazing opportunity for folks like us to help make tangible and lasting improvements to the infrastructure of the forest, through giving and volunteering.

I have been especially impressed by the Conservancy’s goal to embrace viewpoints of the Pisgah’s many user groups — hikers, runners, bikers, boaters, fishermen/fisherwomen, horse people, hunters, climbers, naturalists and the Pisgah-neighboring communities. Uniting all of us under a common banner — to this lovely place just a little better than we found it. As it should be.

As Wendell Berry said so well, “To know a place intimately means to belong to it more fully, and to take responsibility for its preservation.”