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Lavoe's Pisgah Story

Lavoe, our Director of Development, is TPC’s very first real employee (you know, she gets paid). She’s also one of our first Founding Members (she gives). And she’s going to use her extensive experience in fundraising (for the Hyde Schools in Maine and Connecticut) to help us crank up our fundraising so we can do all those great things in Pisgah. Lavoe is what you’d call a Pisgah newby – if you’re generous. She’s got a long history of outdoor pursuits (fly fishing, motorcycle treks in remote areas), it just hasn’t been here. But she’s sold on the idea of The Pisgah Conservancy and is determined to help it succeed. So, we’re all committed to helping her build her in-the-woods Pisgah experience to develop her sorely lacking Pisgah trail cred.