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Mark's Pisgah Story

I first fell in love with Pisgah as a boy of around 7 years old. Traveling the 276 corridor in my grandparents’ giant Cadillac was a mix of elation and misery. We were tortured by the curves and car sickness only to spring from the car into wilds of Pisgah. One of my first goals of childhood was to hit sliding rock during every month of the year. I fondly remember the black eyes and blue lips that came with the accomplishment. Experiences like camping along Cove Creek, and the view from the bottom of Looking Glass Falls set me up for a lifetime in the outdoors. But it wasn't till adulthood that I truly fell in love with Pisgah. After living in the West for over a decade I returned to have my soul rehydrated by the clean mountain waters and the sheer abundance and life under Pisgah's canopy. As a hunter, hiker, biker, and all around woodsman I truly appreciate the diversity and sanctity of inner Pisgah. Once you leave the pavement behind Pisgah truly shows you its beauty and grandeur. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have access to Pisgah National Forest and all of the treasures within it, and now I get to expose my children to all the joy and wonder that Pisgah offers to those willing to experience it.