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David's Pisgah Story

Even though I couldn’t spell it, I learned the definition of the word “serenity” in Pisgah when I was 10 years old. 

On my first camp excursion in the Shining Rock Wilderness area, after a night of torrential rain in a leaky tent, I was sent to get some fresh water from a nearby stream. As I dipped the bucket in the water, little did I know that a young deer was no more than twenty feet away, staring at me with a bewildered look as if to say, “Who are you and where did you come from?”

The peace that comes from the smell of mountain laurel on a cool morning, the roaring sound of a rain drenched stream running downhill, or to be anywhere in Pisgah and hearing absolutely no sounds at all are what brought me to join TPC. It will be rewarding to help preserve these types of memories for people for years to come.

I’ve been gone from Pisgah for many years …. too busy working and growing a family. Joining the TPC team is allowing my wife and I to return to Pisgah more often to find that peace again.