Recreation Support


TPC seeks to improve the visitor experience for ALL who visit the Pisgah Ranger
District. TPC works closely with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), user groups,
community volunteers, and other stakeholders to support the environmental and
recreational sustainability of the Pisgah Ranger District trail system for a variety of
recreational uses.

TPC focuses on these areas of need to support recreation on the District:

    • Maintain trail stability
    • Reduce erosion and flow of sediments from trails to waterways
    • Prevent harmful trail impacts on wildlife and cultural resources
    • Ensure that trails and trail shelters are not in disrepair
    • Promote visitor safety through improved signage
    • Contribute sustainable funding for the trails
    • Where appropriate, support improvements to and maintenance of trailhead complexes and USFS roads to help improve parking and access


Watershed Improvement

TPC works to prevent sedimentation of streams by restoring valuable riparian habitat
through the implementation of trail maintenance, decommissioning, and rerouting
projects; maintaining culverts on access roads; and stabilizing river access sites. By
planting and encouraging the growth of native plants along the banks of streams and
rivers, we preserve riparian buffers that provide shade, offer habitat, and help moderate
water temperatures. Cold, clean water is the lifeblood of Pisgah!


Invasive Species Eradication

DSC 0302 Great Balsam Armstrong

TPC supports non-native invasive species (NNIS) eradication efforts on the Pisgah
Ranger District in conjunction with the efforts of the USFS and other agencies with the
goal of achieving a natural ecological balance.


Clean Up

TPC supports a clean and pristine Pisgah through trash removal efforts, by leading
illegal dumpsite cleanups, and by expanding graffiti removal efforts.


Habitat Improvement

TPC seeks to maintain and improvement the environment for the benefit of wildlife on
the Pisgah in conjunction with the USFS and in accordance with its policies. TPC
supports habitat improvement by engaging with fisheries biologists to protect aquatic
organisms, maintaining habitat for land animals and birds, and more.



TPC promotes “leave no trace” principles; encourages methods of trail usage that
reduce damage to the environment; enhances visitor education and safety through the
addition of/improvement to trailhead kiosks and trail signage; and provides opportunities
for direct visitor education through the Pisgah River Rangers program.