Trails and Recreation Technician


The incumbent will be an employee of The Pisgah Conservancy (TPC), working in the Pisgah Ranger District near Brevard, N.C.  The incumbent will help perform a variety technical trail and recreation projects for the District, working alongside the TPC Trail Specialist, U.S. Forest Service, and volunteer groups.

Knowledge and Skills - Requirements

The incumbent must:

    • have knowledge of, and experience and skill in sustainable trail construction/maintenance and design techniques, including the use of trail tools, trail building equipment, and GPS/GIS equipment;

    • have knowledge of, and experience and skill in light construction work and facility maintenance

    • have the ability to work fairly with a broad range of user groups, foster good working relationships with US Forest Service employees (including specialists), user groups, and volunteers

    • have initiative, drive, and energy;

    • have excellent communication skills;

    • have a valid driver’s license and be able to operate a pickup truck to be used for hauling trail equipment, trailers of tools, and other materials for conducting trail work;

    • be able to help determine work requirements, resources and materials needed to implement project objectives, plans, and requirements effectively; 
    • have a commitment to exceptional work product (quality and quantity), completed on time;have the ability to work effectively with the bureaucracy of a large federal agency, i.e., the U.S. Forest Service; and

    • be able to pass a background check in order to have open access to a federal facility.

  •  See the complete job description here.