As the parents of a US Forest Ranger, Lucille and Peter are acutely aware of how under-resourced the Forest Service is. As a result, they welcome the opportunity to contribute through the Pisgah Conservancy to some of the projects that are essential to keep the Pisgah Forest accessible to all who wish to enjoy it.

As avid hikers, Carole and Arthur Shreiber have spent a fair amount of time hiking in Pisgah National Forest and Pisgah Ranger District since moving to the area nine years ago. They are founding members of Pisgah Conservancy. 

Arthur says, "We’ve always wanted to be able to contribute to the Forest’s upkeep and preservation, and, since its founding two years ago, the Pisgah Conservancy has provided us that opportunity to give back."


"Now that we’re in our 70s, Carole and I don’t hike as much as we used to, so we’re really not able to volunteer for physical work. But by making financial donations every year to the Pisgah Conservancy, we feel a little less guilty about how often we’ve enjoyed the Forest. The Conservancy has really done some great work getting volunteers together for projects like the restoration of the Art Loeb Trail, a spot Carole and I would frequent; one that was obviously suffering from severe erosion. The National Park Service doesn’t have enough budget to undertake these projects, but, thanks to wonderful people donating their time and money, the Conservancy can make it happen."


Check out the article in the October 2017 issue of The Laurel of Asheville! Click the graphic to download the article.

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Looking Glass Sunrise by Douglas Tate (PlanetImages)



PISGAH FOREST, N.C., April 12, 2016: Representatives of a variety of Pisgah user groups, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, announced today the formation of a North Carolina non-profit corporation called The Pisgah Conservancy.

The new organization’s mission is to provide funding to preserve the natural resources and scenic beauty of the Pisgah Ranger District and to enhance the experience of all visitors to Pisgah. The Pisgah Conservancy’s efforts will be focused on sustainable recreational usage of the Forest, watershed improvement, eradication of invasive species, removal of waste, litter, and graffiti, wildlife habitat improvement, and education.