Funding Sources
We intend to seek contributions and grants from individuals, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies aggressively and creatively, and in a manner that is consistent with the ongoing activities of the U.S. Forest Service in the District. We intend to put 20% of non-earmarked revenue into a fund that over time will provide a dependable, ongoing income stream (based only on earnings from the fund) to support the goals of TPC.

Cost Management
Our ultimate goal is to have 80% or more of our revenues go into projects that support our mission (i.e., supporting recreation--maintenance and construction, watershed improvement, invasive species eradication, removal of waste, litter, and graffiti, wildlife habitat improvement, and education) rather than into overhead, such as general/administrative and fund raising expenses. To succeed in that goal we will have to be insanely cost conscious and lovingly supported by volunteers in all aspects of our activities. Having said that, we will also need professional staff to drive the organization to become an important contributor to the future of Pisgah. We will spend administrative money when we must, but to repeat – we will be insanely cost conscious. Our donors deserve nothing less.

2015 IRS Form 990