Part of Pisgah’s heritage is trout fishing.  Pisgah is home to many excellent trout streams, some of which provide habitat for native Southern Appalachian brook trout. The Pisgah Conservancy works to prevent sedimentation of streams by restoring valuable riparian habitat through the implementation of trail maintenance projects, maintaining culverts on access roads, and stabilizing river access sites. By planting and encouraging the growth of native plants along the banks of streams and rivers, we preserve riparian buffers that provide shade, offer habitat, and help moderate water temperatures. Cold, clean water is the lifeblood of Pisgah!

What other reason might we have for maintaining cold, clear streams?   To SAVE DRAGONS, of course!  Check out this great video about saving the Hellbender, a dragon-like salamander, which features our favorite fisheries biologist, Lorie Stroup of the Pisgah Ranger District.