Show the world your love for Pisgah, and help TPC preserve and protect it.  

Many organizations around the country use personalized license plates to raise awareness and increase revenue.  In fact, with enough small contributions, this simple project can amount to several hundred thousand dollars of much-needed revenue to support Pisgah.

Initial Fee Waived!

We needed 500 applicants so that we could submit our application to NCDMV.  And now we have them!  Our thanks to TPC supporter Pilot Cove who covered the initial $30 standard special plate fee for our first 500 applicants and to all of you who have sent in your applications.  We know some of you were counting on this offer and have not quite sent in your application.  Thanks to the pledge of another anonymous donor, we're pleased now to extend the no-upfront-cost offer until we file our application in February.  So, if you haven't gotten the application in the mail, don't worry.  You can still send it in, and the upfront will be covered.

Current Count : 597

Help us launch this project -- Get Friends and Family Support and win a polo shirt or hoodie!

If you bring us 10 completed applications, we will give you a handsome TPC polo shirt.  20 applications, a zippered TPC hoodie.  So talk to your buddies and family members, give us a big boost, and win the shirt off our back.

How To Apply

1. Follow the instructions for filling out and mailing the application by CLICKING HERE and printing out the application. (Be sure to complete every box because incomplete applications will not count toward our goal!)

2. Mail the application (and payment, if applicable) to:

The Pisgah Conservancy

49 Pisgah Hwy, Suite 4

Pisgah Forest, 
NC  28768

The Process after You Apply

We must file our application with the state before Feb. 1, 2017. We expect the license plate to be approved in March 2017. Your plate will be mailed to you from the NCDMV sometime in the June/July 2017 time frame. If, for any reason, the plate is not approved, you will receive a full refund.

Questions? Just call Lavoe Davis at (828) 782-1418, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..