July 5, 2017

We are extremely happy to report that we have now had our license plate submission approved by the NC Senate and House. So, we are done with the legislative part of this process and can now move to get the plates manufactured and sent to applicants. We have spoken to the DMV in Raleigh about this process. According to law the DMV has 180 days complete their portion. However, they and we are hoping it will be more in the 90 to 120 day time frame. To complete their process they will mail the plates to all of the applicants and the plates will then be available at the DMV offices as well as on-line. The standard plates will be mailed first – the personalized plates will be mailed last. If your registration renewal comes due before you receive your plates go ahead and renew. Once you receive your TPC plate you can replace the old one.

To those of you who have your applications in with us we are grateful for your support. For those of you who missed the opportunity earlier stay tuned to the website and Facebook – we’ll let you know when they are available on-line and at the DMV offices.