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Pisgah Trail Academy is a project in development by The Pisgah Conservancy intended to promote the continuing education and training of the diverse volunteer network collaborating to maintain the trail system in the Pisgah Ranger District (PRD).

This site provides curated information, developed in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, on the standards and procedures for sustainable trail work within the district. The goal is to provide a centralized, accessible location for PRD-specific standards, building greater consistency of work across our diverse volunteer populations, and promoting the training of any and all volunteers who wish to develop their skills.

In combination with increased hands-on training workshops and better coordination and communication with all volunteers, the Pisgah Trail Academy is part of a broader strategic vision for updating and improving the PRD trails program moving forward. 

Standards and Procedures

Please explore the menu bar topics for content on best practices and specific standards to focus on while maintaining trails in the Pisgah Ranger District. Each section contains a page with a general overview of best practices and standards, and beyond that there are a number of guides on various structures. It is recommended that everyone start by checking out the general standards and procedures pages at a minimum, and then go on to study the structure guides as needed.

Operational Leadership   Trail Assessment   Trail Class Specifications   Tread Work   Drainage   Brushing   Locust Log Work   Rock Work

Monthly Trail Academy Workshops

A central piece of the Pisgah Trail Academy project is increased training opportunities open to members of any and all volunteer groups who work on the Pisgah Ranger District. Unfortunately, with the ongoing COVID-19 situation our ambitions to provide group trainings haven't gotten off the ground, but eventually we aim to provide regular workshops led by TPC and USFS staff, with a variety of topics and dates to provide learning opportunities to all volunteers.

Get Involved

New to trail maintenance and wondering how to get involved in helping to take care of the Pisgah? There are lots of opportunities to volunteer. Check out open events hosted by The Pisgah Conservancy and local groups, or consider joining a volunteer group that suits your interests. Below are some of the groups that have volunteer trail maintenance programs in our district. Those with online sites are linked.

Carolina Mountain Club

Pisgah Area SORBA (Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association)

Back Country Horsemen of Pisgah

Carolina Climbers Coalition

Pisgah Hikers

Pisgah Cowboys

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The Pisgah Trail Academy is developed by The Pisgah Conservancy
in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service Pisgah Ranger District.