Pisgah National Forest is filled with many remarkable places but one of the most beautiful and unique is known as Graveyard Fields

This high elevation valley is just below one of the highest ridges in the Pisgah range and is accessible along the northwest side of the Blue Ridge. 

There's more to Graveyard Fields than just its curious name. For generations people have come to the area to see and experience this unique place. And for generations people have been working to preserve and protect it.

While its beauty can often hide much of its dramatic natural and human history, heavy use and abuse are affecting Graveyard Fields. Trails are often muddy and washed out, critical and fragile habitat for threatened species is declining, water quality is being affected, and conditions are limiting our use and enjoyment of this resource.

That's where The Pisgah Conservancy comes in

We provide critical funding to help maintain the vast network of trails to high standards while protecting this area. 

With a generous grant from the Lastinger Family Foundation, The Pisgah Conservancy is working closely with the U.S. Forest Service to develop plans for projects that will repair and restore the heavily-used and eroded trails with hiker friendly sustainable trails, bridging and way-finding enhancements. Replanting and restoring native plants is also key to this project and the protection of indigenous species.

The main challenge is that there is no road into these areas. Getting access is complex and expensive. TPC and its contributors and volunteers are essential to this work. 

How You Can Help

While we have several volunteer-specific events over the course of the year, we are always keeping a database of folks that are willing to pitch in and share their talents! Join our email list to stay informed about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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Our biggest area of need is financial support.  You donation will go a long way in protecting Graveyard Fields for the next generation. Simply complete the donation form below.