A heartfelt THANK YOU to OneUp Components for their generous donation of $10,000 to Pisgah Conservancy! 

OneUp is a small team of mountain bikers based in British Columbia, whose mission is to make components they’d want on their own bikes. They are passionate about supporting mountain bikers, and say they believe everyone should “work less and ride more.” 

Check out their website at to learn more about them. 

Thanks, OneUp, for supporting Pisgah! 

October 15, 2020 - Cane Creek Cycling has come through again and today announced that $10 from each Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket or Headset purchased through between October 15th and 31st will be donated to support the conservation efforts of The Pisgah Conservancy. 

Learn more or purchase Hellbender 70 Bottom Brackets here.

Learn more or purchase Hellbender 70 Headsets here.

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With the changes and upheavals caused by COVID-19, I’ve decided I should take another look at my estate plan. In this changing world, it is more important than ever to have a valid estate plan – including a will – in place and up to date. Growth in asset values, longer life expectancies, changes in the tax laws, and other factors make leaving the future to chance far too great a risk for any of us to take, especially for women.

River Rangers is an education and outreach program, and our goals were previously based on how many people we interacted with and how many programs we held. This year, we measured it a little differently. Our work in the field consisted of trash clean-ups, site and river restoration projects, rare plant surveys, and illegal campsite clearing. We picked up over 1,600 pounds of trash, removed over 250 dams and rock stacks, and cleared more than 50 illegal campsites. In addition to our time outdoors, we also worked virtually to create virtual programs for our Facebook and YouTube, Pisgah River Rangers. We created more than 35 videos, quizzes, and other programs and through this, reached over 8,000 people online. We appreciate all the support that we have received this summer and hope that you will continue to follow us and see where we go!

Thank you for your support of the River Ranger program this season. It has been quite an adventure finding ways to work and provide our rangers with good experiences. Since the program is aimed toward education and outreach opportunities, we have been trying to transfer those concepts online so people can still learn about Pisgah without compromising social distancing regulations.

Check out our Facebook and YouTube channels to watch our latest educational videos.

We are also creating material in different information formats such as quizzes, programs families can facilitate from home, and more that we’ll be posting soon.

Be sure to take our latest quiz on trash decomposition at!