We heard at a board meeting recently a rumor going around saying that Sliding Rock was closed permanently. We wanted to inform our supporters that is not true.

Hurricane Fred did a number on many of our local trails and outdoor recreation areas, requiring many repairs to be done to make them safe for the public again. These repairs will take some time to complete, but Sliding Rock is not permanently closed.

We spoke with the Forest Services about this and they verified that repairs to damaged infrastructure are currently underway and they expect these repairs to be completed by the Spring season.

This means that Sliding Rock has an anticipated re-open date in the Spring. Some of the repairs needed may not be 100% completed at that time, but the site is expected to re-open then.

This goes to show our supporters the extent and the effect that Fred did to our area. If you are interested in helping out with these rebuilding efforts, you may donate to our cause by clicking here.

As always, big thanks to our supporters for being patient and supportive while we go through this unprecedented time!