Trails Corner

Many major projects are underway and much is being accomplished in the Pisgah this summer, with the help of TPC and hard-working local groups like SORBA, Carolina Mountain Club and the Backcountry Horsemen. At Pisgah Pride Day, many of you asked, "How can I help? I'd love to volunteer on a regular basis!"  Well, mark your calendars, and dust off your work gloves, because this month we will begin hosting TPC Volunteer Workdays in the Pisgah!

Pisgah Pride Day saw over 300 volunteers come into the Forest, contributing over 1,500 volunteer hours, and helping to complete a number of important trail projects. Below is a list of the work volunteers and Forest Service staff completed at the end of last month on our trails in Pisgah. They:

Pisgah Pride Day is almost here and there are an exciting number of trail projects lined up for our busiest volunteer day of the year! We’ve been staying busy in March and April putting up our Pisgah Pride banner, gathering building materials needed for projects, and doing all the other prep-work for projects we look to complete during the event.

Over the last month, The Forest Service and The Pisgah Conservancy have overseen a number of trails-related projects on the Pisgah Ranger District. In addition to the Moore Cove retaining wall which you heard about last month, we have replaced a failing footbridge on the Exercise Trail and we’ve replaced the old decking on the Art Loeb Trail steel bridge over the Davidson River. We completed these projects once again with the Conservative Anabaptist Service Program (CASP), a group of 18-25 year-olds, many carpenters and construction workers, voluntarily serving the National Forest.

We all know Pisgah needs our protection from invasive species, washouts from trails located in the wrong place, and our streams and rivers need protecting from sediment washing into them and threatening the aquatic life. Trash and garbage continues to be an issue. The trails need to be sustainable to prevent additional damage from the amount of increasing traffic they are seeing every year. Join us at TPC and become a Pisgah Protector through your annual donation. It allows us to continue with our work in the forest... preserving it for us and for generations to come.