Pisgah Conservancy,

I just wanted to write a email expressing my sincere thanks for your recent work on the Cantrell Creek Trail in Pisgah National Forest. On Tuesday, November 5th, my son and I rode the trail (downhill) from Squirrel Gap as part of a larger loop from the Turkey Pen Parking lot. 

Wow, was the new section of Cantrell Creek impressive and very fun to ride with our mountain bikes. I think the following features were noticeable to me as REALLY WELL DONE:

-The trail was wide enough that it allowed for comfortable passing with uphill traffic (although I didn't encounter anyone)

-Where cross slope drainage went across the trail, very nice stone armoring was used. This armoring was easy to ride, yet allowed the small streams to cross the trail. 

-The trail allowed views out and down the hill, which as a mountain biker, makes the trail so much easier to adjust speed and see/greet fellow trail users

-The trail alignments allows sight-lines down to the creek below along with surrounding the trails users with the sound of the running creek. 

-The "flow" of the trail felt very predictable and consistent which gives riders like me confidence in what is ahead (even if it's the first time i've ridden it). 

-Several of the grade reversals were very easy and fun to navigate with a bike....I've very interested to climb this to see what it feels like. 

-The completed trail now creates a very, very nice loop with Mullinex, Squirrel, Cantrell and South Mills (beginning and ending @ Turkey Pen Parking).  

Again, thanks for all your work out in the forest. 

Your efforts do not go unnoticed and I really appreciate all the work you are doing behind the scenes. 

Happy Trails,

Craig & Trysten Ruhland

Asheville, NC