Trails Corner

Trails Corner 6-8-22:

The lush wet green of Appalachian summer is upon us. Morning birdsong, heavy rains, hanging drifts of cloud rising up steep green mountainsides: all regular glories of Pisgah in high summer and unique markers of our special place in the world. Each annual renewal, though expected and inevitable, is a new revelation. Almost unthinkable among the brown sticks and leaf layer of winter, the green blast of each new summer heralds celebration and demands appreciation.

Trails Corner 4-13-22

April is here and spring is bursting forth on the Pisgah in its annual splendor. Warmer weather, morning birdsong, sprouting may apple and trillium, trout lily and bloodroot blooms: all signs of the grand biomass explosion of spring in the deciduous forests of the Southern Appalachians. Along with these cyclical, natural wonders, another tradition of spring is fast approaching. Pisgah Project Day is coming fast, less than two weeks away! Let’s give an update.

Trails Corner 2-8-2022

This February, the Pisgah Ranger District welcomes back a partner work crew from the Conservative Anabaptist Service Program (CASP). This program provides an alternative service program for conscientious objectors, connecting young men to work projects in construction and forestry in lieu of selective service. Many are skilled tradesmen and carpenters, and all are hard workers with an ethic of service. They will be with us for four weeks and we are extremely excited to welcome them to the Pisgah and see the great work they will accomplish.

Trails Corner 1-18-2022

Last week’s cleanup project at Tucker Creek proved a great success! We were gifted with three days of great weather, sunny, clear, and cold, which proved ideal for the cleanup effort at this illegal dumpsite on the Forest off the Highway 215 corridor near Balsam Grove. Turnout was strong, with groups of 15-30 volunteers showing up to pitch in each day.

Greetings all and Happy Holidays!

As we approach the end of the year and the start of a new one, let’s take some time and space to celebrate our achievements in 2021 and look forward to projects on the horizon for 2022. It was a busy and productive year, with new trail construction, heavy trail maintenance, contracting, visiting service groups, trail planning, environmental survey work, and good old fashioned trail work with shovels, picks, rock hammers, and hazel hoes.

Let’s dive into the good stuff!