Trails Corner

Trails Corner 9-20-2021

In the wake of the historic impacts from Hurricane Fred in August, this past month on the Pisgah has seen heroic efforts from local responders, Forest Service personnel, partners and volunteers as we begin the long process of recovering from this storm.

It is August in the Pisgah, all deep green and sparkling with the heavy rains and hanging mists of high summer in the mountains.  And high in these mountains, our Pisgah cohort of trail volunteers, TPC and Forest Service employees, and contractors are busily improving the trail system allowing us access to the grandeur of the Forest.

Summer greetings! It’s a fine season for trails! July has been an exciting month, with the official opening of the Horse Cove-Joel Branch Connector / Stony Knob Trail celebrated with a ribbon-cutting on Friday, July 9th. Thanks to all who helped to develop, advocate, and accomplish this important project. As we celebrate this achievement, let’s look also to the many other great trail projects going on in the Pisgah.

As we move into summer, Trail Projects are booming on the Pisgah. With three large-scale contract projects nearing completion, the ongoing efforts of our many hardworking volunteers, and the continued collaboration between Forest Service and Pisgah Conservancy trail workers on the ground, this season is shaping up to be one of the most active for trail improvements in recent memory. Let’s dive in for an update of all that is going on out in the field.

Across the Pisgah, April is ushering in cool, dry air, blue, clear skies, a growing density of morning birdcall, and the blooming of dogwood, trout lily, bloodroot, and bellwort. The ridgetop views remain big, still unimpeded by the booming growth, but green is beginning its ascendancy, swelling from the forest floor and twig tips. Among the most impressive displays of emergent biomass in the world, spring is here in the Southern Appalachians.