We regret to inform our loyal supporters that our volunteer work day and Courthouse Wildlife Field Project we had scheduled for September 25, 2021, has been cancelled due to unsafe working conditions caused by the devastation of recent weather events during Tropical Storm Fred. 

There was a landslide at the beginning of the FS road caused by floodwater from Hwy 215 jumping the ditches and taking the lower bank off.

It is not safe to get our volunteers and field trip participants by vehicles, and the Forest Service also listed it as un-drivable, an impasse. 

We appreciate all the work our donors and volunteers put into our restoration projects and for the continued support in these unprecedented times. 

If we have future donors that need to visit the site, we can get NCWRC to bring them in side by side via ATV.

I will be following up on my statement scheduled for September 14, 2021 in the Transylvania Times with more information.  You may still donate to our efforts by visiting our website here. We appreciate all that you do!

Click here to read more about the flooding damage.

Thank you!

-David Whitmire