Since many of us are stuck at home for a while, we thought we’d give you an opportunity to reminisce a bit and share photos of great times in Pisgah!  An anonymous donor has given us a $1,250 grant for a Pisgah photo contest, and we’re challenging you to send us your favorite photos of Pisgah.  They can be in any of the following four categories listed below, and the winner will win the amount indicated for each category:

Prizes for Winners

            Pisgah Vistas ($250)

            Pisgah Rivers, Streams, and Waterfalls ($250)

            Wildlife in Pisgah (which can include pets and domesticated horses, etc.) ($250)

            People in Pisgah ($250)

            Grand Prize Winner gets an additional $250

Categories and Timing for Photo Submissions

Campaign   Hashtag Dates for Submission 
 Pisgah Vistas  #pisgahvistas  April 15 - 22
 Pisgah Rivers, Streams and Waterfalls  #pisgahwater  April 22 - 29
 Wildlife in Pisgah (including pets)  #pisgahwildlife  April 29 - May 6
 People in Pisgah  #pisgahpeople  May 6 - 13 


How to Enter

Its pretty simple; just post a photo on the Pisgah Conservancy Facebook page that matches the above categories within the dates for that particular category.  Make sure you include the hashtag in your post and be sure to tag any friends that may be included.  Also, if you want to tell your story about the photos, feel free!


Winners & Rules

Winners. Winners in the four categories will be announced in our May 15th Newsletter.   Then, YOU will pick the Grand Prize Winner through a Facebook Poll we will set up!  We will cut off the voting for the Grand Prize on May 31, at 5:00 p.m. EDT.

Rules.  (Well of course we have to have rules :) Each person is limited to one entry in each category.  The photos may be new or old.  It’s OK if you have submitted them in other contests (as long as you retain the right to provide them to TPC under the terms of this contest).  Professionals and amateurs are welcome to submit photos. Winners in the four categories will be selected by a panel consisting of TPC employees and board members, using a blind voting method, with any ties being broken by the Executive Director.  Standard for selection: totally subjective!  TPC employees, advisory council members, and board members may participate in the contest, but if they win, they will not receive the cash prize, and it will be distributed ratably among the other winners.  Ah yes, but think of the prestige!

Legal Stuff.  By submitting a photo you are agreeing that 1) TPC can use it in any manner it chooses, including publishing it in any form of media, without compensation to you and with any proceeds from the sale of the photo in books, posters, or otherwise going exclusively to TPC and 2) you are authorized to provide the photo to TPC subject to the terms listed here on behalf of anyone included in the photo.  By receiving any photo from you TPC will not obtain any right to restrict your use of the photo in any way you choose.  We will plan to attribute the photo to you in any publication, unless you ask that we not use your name in that way – just let us know.

So step up — what else do you have to do right now?  Send us your shots, and maybe score some nice cash to fill a current hole in the wallet!  Enter now!